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EPITHELIUM 26® Pain, overheating under the foot and calluses often result in wear and tear of the ball of the foot. To compensate for this deterioration, EPITACT has created plantar cushioned pads with a built-in patented pressure distribution gel: Epithelium 26®.

INFORMATION- Prevent and alleviate forefoot pain.

CONTRAINDICATIONS- Do not use on an unprotected wound.- Persons suffering from arthritis, diabetes, polyneuritis, lower limb neuropathy or varicose ulcers: never use the product on a wound, monitor the condition of your foot during use, and in all cases seek advice from your doctor or chiropodist. The strap may cause friction between the two toes. This solution should therefore be avoided by diabetics suffering from neuropathy

.PRECAUTIONS FOR USE- Wear next to the skin.- The printed part of the cloth should be in contact with the sole of the foot. Do not turn over.- Slip your foot into the cushion and place the retaining tab between your big toe and your second toe.- To help the cushion remain in position, wear tights, socks or stockings over it.

WHAT IT IS USED FOR- Patented by chiropodists, Epithelium 26® is an effective substitute for the sole of the foot. This silicone gelʼs mecha- nical properties allow it to replace the missing plantar tissue that is causing pain: it is remarkably effective in redistribu- ting your body weight over the whole of your foot.- The presence of Epithelium 26® in the plantar area allows Plantar Cushions to alleviate pain effectively.

CLEANING- Machine-wash at 30°C in the washing net provided or hand- wash (without scrubbing).

COMPOSITION : 80% silicone, 20% polyamide/elastane fabric.The materials used have passed all the regulatory tests required by ISO standard 10993-1 relating to products that come into contact with the skin. If an incident occurs, stop using the product immediately and inform MILLET Innovation.Millet Innovation cannot be held responsible for failure to use the product in accordance with the manufacturerʼs recommendations. Do you suffer from foot pain when you walk? Some people describe a sense of overheating, while others feel as though the forefoot is treading on nails, and others still feel a burning sensation… Some people notice that they have a hard skin or a callus under the foot. Irrespective of the description, it is often a byword for intense pain that can lead to difficulty walking. This pain under the foot generally corresponds to wear and tear of the ball of the foot, an area of fatty tissue that distributes pressure. It can deteriorate with age but this process can also be due to over-use of the forefoot (in people who have previously taken part in sports) or even to spending long periods standing upright. In order to offset the wear of the ball of the foot, EPITACT® has developed a silicone gel that is able to redistribute pressure, a true substitute for the ball of the foot: Epithelium 26®. This has been built into a plantar cushioned pad which can be worn discreetly in any shoe.· Epithelium 26® under the forefoot is the ideal material to redistribute the load thereby relieving the pressure on the arch of the foot. It is built into cushioned pads to offer you a real sense of comfort.· The plantar cushioned pads are held in place perfectly under the foot. Discreet and slim, you can wear them in your usual shoes.· They are very comfortable because of the carefully chosen fabric (soft, breathable).· The pads are machine washable at 40°C.

Sold in pairs. If you are undecided between two sizes, choose the larger one.


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