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COLMAR, Ski apparels.

Family owned since 1923, inventor of THE technical skiwear.  History and passion has linked us to the sporting environment and we remain steadfast and committed to our pursuit of the best products in high-performance technological apparel which boast sophisticated and fashionable designs.

In 2010, we began golf wear production.  The expertise of professionals are tapped to create high-performance sports clothes.

AQUAPAC , waterproof camera pouches, pouches, bags, backpacks, duffels.

Founded in 1983 in London, AQUAPAC offers 100% waterproof cases, bags and pouches for discerning individuals and is the trusted choice of all sorts of professional users like, the LA Lifeguard, London Fire Brigade, Japan Lifeguard, Spanish Red Cross, including major OEM manufacturers such as Flip Video, Motorola, Nikon and Sony, to name a few and in the past 30 years, picking up three Queen’s Award.

AZTRON, Stand Up Paddle boards.

Paddle, Surf, and More"

These three words define us a company and keep us excited and inspired to start every journey on the water. As a brand we’ll always stay true to our foundations: true to the sport. 

Innovative. Safety. Style. Performance. 


Aztron is a brand run by passionate people, whose big love has always been watersports. We aim offer each rider from every target group and style the highest level of innovation, safety, design and quality water sports products. We will be continuing to push the boundaries and work hard to become a key player in the growth of the sport. This translates us into a positive company atmosphere, exciting products and satisfied customers.


Aztron is all about challenging yourself, experience nature and feeling its force. Therefore, Aztron develops paddle board and surf board gears that are not only safety and innovative, but also transforms this passion into our unique design.

BESTARD MOUNTAIN BOOTS, Spanish mademountaineering, trekking, hiking, travel shoes and boots.

Still hand-made since 1940 by artisan craftsmen working under the family owned business at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range on the island of Mallorca, Spain. With a passion borne of heritage, Bestard manufacture boots and shoes of the highest quality and technical level possible.


BRIKO, Italian cycling apparels, sunglasses and helmets.

Briko is an Italian Bike and Snow brand founded in 1985 in Milan. With the help of many world class brand ambassadors, the Briko mission is to bring its energy to its products in order to generate iconic products for athletes who demand performance and safety without compromises.  This free fighter mentality leads the Briko evolution.


CAMARO, Water sports apparels, wetsuits and shoes,

More than 45 years of experience have guided us from the first “rubber suit” of 1969 to the hi-tech suits of today. Camaro stands for outstanding and innovative water sportswear and accessories.  Our dry diving line is a winner: ingenious to dive, simply clever and produced with the highest standards of “Made in Austria”.


CARDIFF SKATES, urban and leisure skates, tri- wheel skates, wearing your own shoes.

Founded in beautiful Cardiff, California.  With our innovative and patented design, we set out to redefine the skating industry and to bring skating back to life.  Unlike other skates on the market, Cardiff Skates are uniquely designed to automatically adjust to your size.  They can be worn with your favourite pair of shoes, are easily shared between friends and expand to fit your kids’ growing fit.  Designed in USA.




CRONO, cycling shoes.

For 40 years, the family owned outfit has been heartily working to towards the goal of an authentic Made In Italy, high level cycling shoes with well-finished shapes using specially selected raw materials in order to grant great technical components and best comfort in sports performance.

EPITACT Sports and Medical Supports.

Developed in France, Epitact has a range of orthopedic and protection products optimally adapted to the daily or sporting needs at amateur or professional level.  To combine comfort with performance, materials and processing are taken into consideration to achieve products which are comfortable, flexible and durable.  Worn by top athletes, our products incorporate patented technologies, innovative designs and designed to for everyone and every situation


FORCEFIELD BODY ARMOUR, motorcycle, snowsports, ski, snowboard, mountain biking impact protection.

Launched in 2003, Forcefield Soft Armour Technology offers unrivalled protection and comfort for Motorcycling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and other contact sports.  Unobtrusive body protection with repeat performance technology, all tested to meet and exceed CE approved standards. Winning countless awards and reviews along the way.  Based in UK.


GEAR AID, Treatment and outdoor gear repair,

Since 1981, whether your adventure is climbing a mountain, diving the deep blue sea, fishing in the rain, or camping in your backyard, we make tools for your adventure.

We teach people how to keep their well-loved and expensive gear in like new condition, increasing performance and saving money because we believe gears should last.


KOMPERDEL, Trekking, Nordic and Ski poles, Protection body armour.

In these days of out-sourcing, each and every Komperdell Trekking Pole is still hand-made proudly in Austria since 1922 to secure top quality and consistency.

Dominating the market of ski-poles, traditional values and enthusiasm has pushed for new developments constantly in development of all our sports poles.

LAKEN, Drinking bottles and camp cooking utensils.

Founded in 1912 in Spain. Globally recognized for our hydration and food preservation products.  We offer the best quality through constant innovation of our materials, which range from stainless steel to the latest generation plastic, to aluminum. We offer a wide variety of products for proper hydration and enjoyment of different activities, both indoor and outdoor

NANNINI, Italian made, Reading and Lifestyle Eyewear.

Eyewear and eyecare, since 1954.  Internationally award winning patented double pivoting system resulting in the thinnest eyewear in the world, earning for itself a special exhibition in the New York’s MOMA, “Ingenious and Unique Eyewear in the World”.  Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device in Italy’s Ministry of Health, all products relating to eyecare follows very strict production standards from the selection of raw materials and components with tests to ensure and certify quality, consistency and the real 100% Made In Italy.


.OCEAN REEF, Full faced snorkelling and diving masks.

The Ocean Reef Group took root at the end of 1940 in Genova, Italy.  Ocean Reef invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders. Maker of the Full Face Mask for diving, a technical and innovative product that would guarantee a more comfortable, safe and relaxing uw experience.  Also the Full Face Mask for snorkeling with distinctive attention to quality, safety and design.

True Made In Italy products.


P.A.C. Original, Multi-function scarves .

Multi-function scarves made with emphasis on absolutely sustainable production in Germany and the highest quality of products.  Guaranteed by many years of experience in the field of first-layer textiles.  Neckwear which are seamless, antibacterial, moisture wicking, breathable, quick dry with odor control.

RH+, Cycling apparels, sunglasses and helments.

RH+ has been producing high-performance cycling apparels and accessories for over 15 years.  The rh+ code is about sportsmanship, a value that is reflected in the technical high-performance materials developed over the years in specialized laboratory with feedback from real athletes. Always combining the very best in style and performance, bringing elegance to its collections. 

ROHNER, ski, snowboard, trekking, hiking, travel socks, 

Rohner, established in the Rhine Valley of Switzerland in 1876, unites old traditions, innovative techniques and designs. Since the 1930s, with the invention of the circular knitting machine, the company started investing in industrial hosiery goods and has achieved a good name in its high-quality products; after all, every shoe needs a first class sock!  

Swiss Made.

SOMMAP/SWEAMMER, Diving, snorkelling and swimming gear.

Sommap is located in Aubagne near Marseille Port in the south of France (Provence).  Our 40 years of know how allow us to claim that we are the specialist for snorkeling (fins, masks, snorkels). Our factory specializes in plastic, silicone and rubber injections and the only rubber work shop in France to produce masks and fins.


TERNUA, Mountaineering, trekking and outdoor travel apparels.

Mountaineering, active and outdoor wear developed with a passion for the mountains, the respect for the environment and the values of our origins from the Basque region of Spain. Following our values, we manufacture garments and accessories in a sustainable way with recycled materials. Certified by Blue Design, a worldwide and independent certification system on sustainability of the textile industry.

TWINS SPECIAL, Muay Thai and boxing gear.

We are all living in a world, with people on the move looking for new ideas and challenges.

In this respect we wish to remind you of our commitment to preserve the roots of the Muay Thai tradition and ask you to think about your own boxing environment.

VERSA GRIPPS, Professional Weight training grips.

Versa Gripps are the #1 Most Advanced Training Accessory.  Gracing the covers of Top Fitness Magazines and used by athletes, celebrities and professional sports teams all over the world.  Proudly Made In The USA with only the highest quality materials and unmatched workmanship.  Original, patented self-supporting Versa Gripps eliminate grip fatique and enhance muscle isolation in pulling & pushing exercises for maximum muscle gains.

ZANIER, Ski, trekking and outdoor gloves.

Zanier develops winter sports accessories in close cooperation with the consumer and outstanding athletes.  All products are developed and tested in the heart of the Dolomites, Austria, in keeping with authenticity and tradition whilst working towards technological progress, innovation and competence for all product-development.



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