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This series of highly functional rescue knives is dedicated to police, paramedic and rescue professionals, who do their best in their dangerous fulfillment of duty and often risk it all to save lives. These knives are equipped with all the necessities: glass breaker, belt cutter, carry clip, and corrosion resistant 440 stainless steel blades. 


The Magnum Rescue Knives are fully functional and ready to use, but they have not been designed for the daily, demanding use of professional first responders. For professional users we recommend for example the models Boker Plus Savior or FKMD A.L.S.R. 2. 




Marke: Magnum 

Artikeltyp: Pocket Knife 

Total Length: 8,1 

Blade length: 3.3 in 

Weight: 4.3 oz 

Blade Material: 440A 

Handle Material: Aluminum 

Lock: Linerlock 

Opener: Thumb Stud 

Opening: Manual 

Color: Orange 

Blade Color: Uncoated


SKU: 327145 14 436
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