THERMOFORMABLE Wearing the EPITACT® Corrector Orthotic for night-time use on a daily basis helps to correct the deformity and to slow the progression of a hallux valgus. It helps to relieve joint pain and eliminates painful contact with the foot.

Indications: Wearing the EPITACTÒ Corrector Orthotic for night-time use on a daily basis helps to correct the deformity and to slow the progression of a hallux valgus. It helps to relieve joint pain and eliminates painful contact with the foot.

Specifics: Due to its patented design, the Corrector Orthotic can easily be thermoformed to fit your foot in a matter of minutes. It can be thermoformed several times, so you can gradually realign your toe. This means that you have a very comfortable, adjustable orthotic with a perfect fit. Light and ultra-slim, you can forget all about it while you sleep.

Lifespan: When looked after properly, you can wear it on a daily basis for several months.The thermoformed reinforcement piece corrects the axis of the big toe in order to reduce retraction of the ligaments during the night, relieving joint pain.- The hollow support opposite the “bunion” eliminates pressure and rubbing, relieving painful contact with the foot (sheets, mattress etc.).Note: In addition to the Corrector Orthotic for night-time use, we advise that you wear an EPITACT® corrector orthotic for daytime use which also helps to correct the deformity and relieve joint pain.

Conditions for use: This orthotic must not be used if your big toe is no longer moving freely. Do not apply to damaged skin. Not to be used if suffering from: diabetes, arteritis, lower limb peripheral neuropathy or ulcers.Composition: 20 % silicone, 28 % polyamide/elastane blend fabric, 52 % thermoforming plastic.

INDICATIONS Regularly wearing the EPITACT® night corrective splint helps correct the deformity and limit the progression of your hallux valgus (bunion). It helps relieve night-time joint pain and eliminates pain caused by contact.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE First of all, make sure that the big toe can still move sideways when manipulated. Otherwise, do not use this product.The splint can be heat-moulded on either the right foot or the left foot.

HEAT-MOULDING:- Follow the heat-moulding instructions supplied.- The corrective splint can be heat-moulded several times. If you think it’s necessary, consult a podiatrist.

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS:- Slip the forefoot into the wide wrap.- Then slip the big toe into the small sleeve.- Make sure the white target is positioned over your bunion (see diagram on the heat-moulding instructions supplied).

USE CONDITIONS:- It is recommended that the splint only be worn for 2 hours the first 3 times it is used.- After this, you should wear the splint all night.Joint pain can sometimes occur the first few times the splint is used. If this persists beyond 7 nights, consult your podiatrist.- After wearing the splint for a month, and in the absence of pain, the splint may be heat-moulded a second time to increase the correction (see heat-moulding instructions supplied). In this case, the level of correction desired will be obtained without the separator, by pulling the big toe sideways (see diagram below).

WASHING INSRUCTIONS- Machine wash at 40°C- Do not use stain removers (acetone, solvents, etc.)- Leave to dry naturally. Do not iron. Do not expose to heat (>50°C).CONTRAINDICATIONS- Big toe not mobile sideways.- Do not use this product during the day.- The product has undergone all the regulatory tests required by ISO standard 10993-1.If, in spite of this precaution an incident occurs, discontinue use of the product immediately and inform MILLET Innovation.- Do not use on an unprotected wound.- Do not use in the event of diabees, arteritis, polyneuritis, peripheral neuropathy or foot ulcers.COMPOSITION : 20% silicone, 28% polyamide/elastane fabric, 52% heat-mouldable plastic.Millet Innovation cannot be held liable in cases where the manufacturer’s recommendations have not been followed during use.
- For left or right foot.





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