Technical features


  • Preformed anatomic construction
  • Legs built with fabric divided into two zones: front part for maximum body adhesion, side and back fabric for graduated compression that gives maximum stability to the pad
  • Dot Gripper Vertical for optimal tightness without compression
  • Ultra-flat stitching
  • Anatomical waistband
  • Portion of straps in stretch fabric with variable tension and edging for maximum stability
  • Back in Dot Mesh X-Light stretch mesh fabric to promote perspiration and freedom of movement
  • Dot Pro pad with single-density foam for comfortable stability in the saddle
  • High visibility reflective applications


Temperature range

17° C --> 35° C




Dot Gripper

Dot Gripper Tube is the new tubular construction with variable tension stretch fabrics featuring raw edges that guarantees the ultimate fit and comfort for sleeves and short hems without using silicone elastics.


Pro Fit

Flawlessly form-fitting, technical clothing that fits like a second skin.


Dot Pro

Dot Pro Pad is made by breathable stretch materials. The high-capacity 120 kg/m3 density foam provides exceptional cushioning to absorb vibrations. The foams are enclosed in a supportive casing with a density of 60 kg/m3 to ensure even greater stability.




Vertical is an extremely performing cycling bib short that is part of the Iridium project. Vertical stands out from the bib classics for the inner bands in vertical Dot-Grips in a vertical position for a perfect seal without the least compression. The fabric of the legs of the bib short is built in two areas to maximize performance: the front part with fabrics composed of polymer matrix yarns mixed with lycra, with extraordinary performance: exceptional body adhesion, lightness, breathability and quick drying. The side and back parts are made of different fabric to guarantee a graduated compression able to give maximum stability to the pad. The innovative elastic net on the back promotes maximum breathability and supports any movement; the portion of braces joined to the net ensures maximum stability. Vertical has a Gradual Compression legs structure: Technical bibshorts designed for performance riders who love a snug-fitting design with gentler stretch compression for their leg muscles. The fabric’s features are designed to always maintain the same degree of compression when riding and ensure a secure fit that combines comfort with stability. With an ergonomic design and specially designed pad, these bibshorts feature in Dotout’s Ultra Distance range. The bibshorts feature the Dot Pro anatomic pad made with single-density foam (120) for comfortable stability in the saddle. Covered with an innovative fabric that improves microcirculation and provides excellent temperature regulation.



Dotout literally means "point-out" and ideally wants to represent the desire to change, to put a "point" on one's commitments and daily routine to go "out" and live intensely one's passion, one's sport in contact with nature .


Dotout represents the regenerating value of physical activity, a natural anti-stress, homeopathic remedy for the fatigue of urban life through the vitality of movement, able to awaken the dormant energies on a physical and mental level.


Dotout is the new brand for those who know how to reconcile family and work commitments with their sporting passion, aware that self-fulfillment and self-gratification are essential to offer others the best of themselves.


Dotout's target audience is made up of those who love movement, sport, outdoor activities, an active lifestyle even in everyday life.


An advanced consumer who seeks and appreciates the technicality of the product, able to choose and mix different garments for an updated and personal style. 


Dotout interprets sporting passion in a new and contemporary way.

The BACK IN TWO HOURS pay-off is the distinctive and identifying element of the brand: this simple phrase, "I'll be back in two hours", expresses the lifestyle of those who choose Dotout, of those who manage to reconcile the passion for sport with the commitments of daily life, carving out the necessary time during the day to devote to sporting activities and to one's own well-being.


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