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With the LUF | SOX Classics Stellona socks, you have no ace in the sleeve but spades, diamonds, cross and heart on your feet! Thanks to their stylish design, these socks can be combined with a variety of outfits, making them the perfect accessory for all occasions. So put everything on a map and get the LUF | SOXClassics Pokumi socks! 

The calf-high LUF | SOX Classics have a shape that has been adjusted to the left and right foot for a more comfortable fit. Another great advantage of these socks is the soft padding in the heel and toe area, which adds to the comfort of wear. 

Material: 62% Polyester / 33% Cotton / 3% Polyamide / 2% Elastane 

Machine washable at 40 °


LUF | SOX Lifestyle


The LUF | SOX Lifestyle is not only a stylish must-have that makes your outfit shine, it also offers your feet perfect protection. They are extremely stressed every day and have to withstand constant stress. To counteract rapid wear and tear on sensitive areas of the LUF | SOX Lifestyle, there are reinforcements on the toes and hooks. The combination of high-quality natural and synthetic fibers guarantees a high level of comfort. Thanks to the extra flat seams of the LUF | SOX Lifestyle, no painful pressure points form even after long periods of wear. The LUF | SOX Lifestyle hug your foot perfectly thanks to the anatomically adapted left / right fit and therefore fit into every shoe. Despite their thin structure, they keep feet warm on cool days. The elastic comfort cuff on the shaft of the LUF | SOX Lifestyle prevents the stylish sock from slipping.



S$26.00 Regular Price
S$20.80Sale Price
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