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The ERGOstrap™ SPORT supports and stabilizes the ankle without impeding movement. Designed specifically for sports, the ERGOstrap™ SPORT fits all body types. Lightweight, extra thin and very comfortable, it can be worn in all types of shoes. 


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Pain & instability ANKLE SPRAINS

30-75% of athletes who have had a sprained ankle have long-term residual de ciencies of the joint with symptoms such as pain, persistent swelling, a feeling of the ankle giving out or moving abnormally. This is called an “unstable ankle». 

- Adapted to the morphology of the ankle thanks to thermoformable reinforcements.

- Thin and comfortable (can be worn in all shoes).

- Supports and stabilizes the ankle.

- Limits risky movements without blocking the foot’s natural movement. 

- Secures the ankle without creating pressure on sensitive areas. 



    How do I choose my size ? 

    - Measure the circumference of your ankle above the malleolar zone while sitting.





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