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THERMOFORMABLEWearing the EPITACT® Rigid night thumb brace use on a daily basis helps to relieve joint pain at the base of the thumb and contributes to slowing the progression of thumb osteoarthritis.

Functioning: The EPITACT® Orthotic holds the thumb in a resting position while opening the joint between the index finger and the thumb. The alignment of the bones restricts the forces exerted on the trapeziometacarpal joint and relieves pain.

Specifics: The rigid Orthotic becomes highly flexible when you submerge it in hot water. As soon as you put it on, it will mould to the shape of your hand and hold your thumb in a natural resting position.It hardens and becomes rigid again in a few minutes: you then have an orthotic with a perfect fit.

Ergonomics: Very comfortable, light and ultra-thin, so you can forget all about the Orthotic while you sleep.

Lifespan: When looked after properly, you can wear it on a daily basis for several months.

Note: In addition to the rigid Orthotic for night-time use, we advise that you also wear an EPITACT® Flexible Orthotic for daytime use, which absorbs traumatic micro-mobilisations thereby reducing

Composition: 47 % polyamide/elastane blend fabric, 53 % thermoforming plastic.INDICATIONSRegularly wearing the night splint helps relieve joint pain at the base of the thumb and limit the progression of basal thumb arthritis.

FUNCTIONSThe EPITACT® rigid splint holds the thumb in a resting position, opening up the web space between the index finger and the thumb. The alignment of the bones limits the forces on the trapeziometacarpal joint and relieves pain. Custom-made since it is heat-mouldable, the EPIACT® splint is very comfortable and you will not even notice you are wearing it while you sleep.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE This product is a night use splint.Two versions are available: right hand and left hand.HEAT-MOULDING:- Follow the heat-moulding instructions supplied.- The splint can be heat-moulded several times if necessary.

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS:- Slip the splint onto your hand by sliding your thumb into the thumb section.- Insert the hook and loop strap through the loop at the base of the thumb and tighten the splint gently aroud the wrist.

WASHING INSRUCTIONS- Machine wash at 40°C- Do not use stain removers (acetone, solvents, etc.)- Leave to dry naturally. Do not iron. Do not expose to heat (>50°C).

CONTRAINDICATIONS- The product has undergone all the regulatory tests required by ISO standard 10993-1.If, in spite of this precaution an incident occurs, discontinue use of the product immediately and inform MILLET Innovation.- Do not use on an unprotected wound.- In the event of severe oedema: monitor the hand during use. Remove the splint if it is too tight and impedes circulation. When in doubt seek advice from your GP or your pharmacist.- Do not use near a flame or incandescent material.COMPOSITION : 53% heat-mouldable plastic, 47% polyamide/elastane fabric.Millet Innovation cannot be held liable in cases where the manufacturer’s recommendations have not been followed during use.



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