Are you looking for a medium size, lightweight and comfortable bottle to carry, so you can forget about the disposable plastic ones? Choose one like this, which also offers maximum guarantees in terms of food safety and will accompany you for years to come.



  • No BPA, phthalates or other harmful substances. Non toxic exterior coating
  • Internal coating of polyamide varnish, free of epoxy resin, totally safe and very resistant, which completely isolates the content and protects it. It does not break or crack due to dents or blows
  • Suitable for alcoholic and citrus beverages
  • Doesn´t retain or impart flavours
  • Diameter: 7.4cm. Height: 20.3cm. Weight: 103gr
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Tight closure


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  • Before the first use and for the daily cleaning, do hand-wash with diluted soap in lukewarm water
  • To clean the bottle inside, you can also use a soft brush, such as those of baby bottles
  • Store uncovered and empty
  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • Not suitable for microwave
  • Do not freeze



Aluminium is a versatile material that, in the form of a bottle, acts as a protective barrier against light, humidity and external contamination of the liquids inside. It is also resistant and very light, which is why aluminium bottles are a perfect alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Reusable, resistant and safe, here you have a wide range of possibilities to make Laken aluminium bottles your personal choice.


When Laken was founded, more than 100 years ago, beverages and food were transported and stored in reusable containers. It wasn't environmental awareness; it was the only available option!

In addition to the need for durable containers, they had to be made of materials that contributed to the preservation of the content for as long as possible. At a time when microwaves and refrigerators were still unknown words, the longer the food was kept warm and the fresher the water, the better.

For this reason, since its foundation in Murcia (Spain), back in 1912, conservation, reusability, quality and durability are words that have formed part of Laken's DNA. 

MADE IN SPAIN, since 1912




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