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EPITHELIUMFLEX 02Soft EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 Bunion Brace help in straightening big toes and limiting pronation, which optimizes propulsion. The quality of supports is critical when preventing sports injuries and to improving performance. The splints also help relieve pain from bunions, whether they have just started or are already well defined.Braces, rectifiers, correctors, corrective splints for bunions, and more, are a part of the range of solutions available for correcting and alleviating painful bunions. Ones that can be worn during the day are few and far between. EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 corrective bunion splints fit into your sport shoes to reduce pain and retard the growth of a new bunion while enhancing your performance.

FEATURES : The EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 Bunion Brace acts on 3 complementary factors:- CORRECTIVE ACTION : Silicone External with counter-support brace aids in realigning the big toe, limiting pronation and optimising propulsion. During sports, the quality of support is essential to preventing injuries ans improving performance -

PROTECTIVE ACTION : The silicone tendon absorbs the pressure and friction on the exostosis (bunion) and thus avoids the risk of overheating. -

SUPPORT ACTION : The metatarsal support bracelet limits the impact and bulging of the metatarsus.

ERGONOMICS : This concentrated technology in less than 10 g, EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 Hallux Valgus Orthosis was specifically designed to act dynamically during your sporting activities (hiking, running, etc.). Its patented design incorporates EPITHELIUMFLEX® technology. The flexible, ultra-thin orthosis fits in all shoes.

PRESENTATION :EPITACT® SPORT Bunion Brace is sold individually. They are suitable for both the right and left foot.

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS:• Slip the front of the forefoot into the wrap.• Then slip the brace over the big toe.Position the Epithelium™ pad (a) behind the bunion (b). (See diagram 1).

When using for the first time, do not try to completely realign the big toe.Over the course of the first 10 uses, gradually realign the big toe by pulling the brace backwards. (See diagram 2).The brace may be worn daily for optimum results

 WASHING INSTRUCTIONS• Machine wash at 30°C or hand wash (without rubbing).• Leave to dry naturally. Do not iron

.3. COMPOSITION 52 % silicone, 48 % polyamide/elastane fabric.

CONTREAINDICATIONS • Big toe not mobile.• Do not use on an unprotected wound.• Individuals with arterial disease, diabetes, polyneuritis, neuropathy of the lower limbs or varicose ulcers: never use the product over an open wound or diabetic foot ulcer. Monitor the foot during use and ask your doctor or podiatrist for advice. 

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE:The product has undergone all the regulatory tests required by ISO standard 10993-1 relative to products that come into contact with the skin.However, if any skin reactions are observed, stop using the product immediately and contact MILLET Innovation.MILLET Innovation cannot be held liable in cases where the manufacturerʼs recommendations have not been followed during use.
-Available sizes: S,M,L


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