Technical features


  • Anatomical preformed construction
  • Anatomical neck
  • Sleeve with tubular construction in Rip Stop shuttle fabric with high fineness, cut raw for optimal adherence and tightness without compression
  • Mesh bottom built in two areas to promote maximum hold: the front edge is heat-sealed without thickness for maximum comfort. The back has an ergonomic tail with superlight non-slip elastic for perfect grip on the trousers
  • Divisible front zip covered with 2 threads, with personalized self-locking slider and laser-protected zip
  • 4 rear pockets, including 1 Dot Safe, waterproof reflex pocket with vertical zip for the protection of electronic devices. The rear pockets have a particular construction with a non-slip elastic band placed at the entrance to the openings which prevents objects from sliding out Back pocket locking with fixed fabric insert to avoid pocket stretching
  • High visibility reflective applications


Temperature range

17° C --> 35° C




Dot Safe

Dotout jerseys and jacket feature the Dot Safe reflective waterproof pocket to ensure maximum visibility and protect electronic devices.


Pro Fit

Flawlessly form-fitting, technical clothing that fits like a second skin.




Ride is a concentrate of style and high performance technology, designed for a consumer who follows trends and knows how to mix different styles and combinations. Lightweight, breathable, ergonomic and aerodynamic, it is made with two different types of Polartec® Power Dry® fabric. The front is in extremely stretch fabric for maximum comfort, while the rear in fixed fabric, extremely breathable. The structure of the rear fabric makes it possible to store objects in the pockets without stretching them, thus avoiding the hassle of an unbalanced weight on the back. Polartec® Power Dry® is a two-component fabric constructed with a hydrophilic interior whose fibers are arranged vertically to allow body moisture to be extracted and transferred to the outside. The external surface releases the sweat accumulated very quickly, allowing quick drying times. Constant evaporation regulates the temperature in both warm and temperate climatic conditions. The fabric also has a special treatment that makes it anti-odor and anti-bacterial, as well as being a recycled fabric. The rear pockets have a particular construction with a non-slip elastic band placed at the entrance of the openings which prevents objects from sliding out. The neck, without thickness, ensures maximum comfort. The tubular construction of the sleeve, in raw cut ultralight fabric, allows maximum adherence to the arm without compression.



Dotout literally means "point-out" and ideally wants to represent the desire to change, to put a "point" on one's commitments and daily routine to go "out" and live intensely one's passion, one's sport in contact with nature .


Dotout represents the regenerating value of physical activity, a natural anti-stress, homeopathic remedy for the fatigue of urban life through the vitality of movement, able to awaken the dormant energies on a physical and mental level.


Dotout is the new brand for those who know how to reconcile family and work commitments with their sporting passion, aware that self-fulfillment and self-gratification are essential to offer others the best of themselves.


Dotout's target audience is made up of those who love movement, sport, outdoor activities, an active lifestyle even in everyday life.


An advanced consumer who seeks and appreciates the technicality of the product, able to choose and mix different garments for an updated and personal style. 


Dotout interprets sporting passion in a new and contemporary way.

The BACK IN TWO HOURS pay-off is the distinctive and identifying element of the brand: this simple phrase, "I'll be back in two hours", expresses the lifestyle of those who choose Dotout, of those who manage to reconcile the passion for sport with the commitments of daily life, carving out the necessary time during the day to devote to sporting activities and to one's own well-being.






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