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EPITHELIUM 26®By redistributing the pressure exerted on the tip of the toe, the EPITACT® toe protector relieves pain caused by corns or ingrown toenails in this area. It also useful for reducing micro-shocks to the toe, and as a result, prevents the appearance of black toenails.The tip of the toe is a very sensitive area and when the shoes rub against this area of the foot, the results can be sharp pains. This can happen if there are corns or callus on the tip of the toe, or an ingrown toenail, or if the tip of the toe is subjected to continuous micro-shocks. To protect the pulp of the toe, the EPITACT® toe protector contains the patented EPITHELIUM 26® silicone gel, which redistributes pressure and reduces stress on the toe. A home medicine cabinet is needed for the relief and treatment of pain caused by corns on the tip of toe, black toenails and ingrown toenails but the EPITACT® toe protector does it all.· The toe protector is easy to put on, just position it outside-in at the tip of the toe and gradually unroll it.· It stays in place perfectly due to the elasticity of the fabric and the flexibility of the wings.· The gel is inserted between two layers of fabric throughout the length of the toe protector, ensuring greater resistance to wear and tear.· To avoid black toenails, put the toe protector on before the activity that is likely to cause the black toenails.· Sold in pairs of two.Our advice: The toe protector is not a treat

INDICATIONS Prevents and soothes pain at the tip of the toes: hard corn, blue nail, ingrown toenail, etc.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS- Do not use on a skin lesion.- Persons with arteritis, diabetes, polyneuritis, peripheral neuropathy, or foot ulcers: consult your physician or chiropodist before application and monitor your foot during use.

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE- For easy application, position the device upside down on the tip of your finger or toe and unroll it gradually over the finger or toe.- Do not shorten the Digitop as this will adversely affect its durability.- To be removed every evening to avoid risks of maceration.

WHAT IT IS USED FOR- Patented by chiropodists, Epithelium 26® is a silicone gel with similar pressure distribution properties to those of human subcutaneous tissue. The presence of this substance in the Digitops prevents formation of soft corns and alleviates pain after calluses have already formed.In addition, the toe guards are particularly effective in preventing blue nails and ingrown toenails.- The insertion of Epithelium 26® gel between two layers of fabric increases the life span of the finger/toe protectors.

CLEANING- Hand-wash without scrubbing.- Leave to dry naturally. Do not iron.

COMPOSITION: 62% silicone, 38% polyamide/elastane fabric.The materials used have passed all the regulatory tests required by ISO standard 10993-1 relating to products that come into contact with the skin. If an incident occurs, stop using the product immediately and inform MILLET Innovation.Millet Innovation cannot be held responsible for failure to use the product in accor- dance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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