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Eliminating excess fat and skin in the arms is crucial for patients who have lost a lot of weight. There are also some areas of the body that delatify the age that we have more than others, and where excess fat or skin is produced. Usually, the body area that is most concerned is the face, since it is the part where we usually look at because it is the one we see first, but there are other areas of our body that denote the passage of years and in a very remarkable way, especially in times of the year where it is hot and we must take our body to the open. How to remove excess fat and skin in the arms? The inner face of the arms tends to accumulate fat and lose firmness over the years. Bat wings, salt arms... There are many expressions that speak of the same fact, the flacidity in the inner face of the arms. One of the anti-esthetic “problems” that most concerns women, even in front of the flat belly or the defined glutes. The weakness in the arms can be caused by the reasons: for performing little sport or for suffering a remarkable weight loss. So it is usually a very frequent intervention in many patients who have undergone obesity treatment or because of aesthetic demands both in men and in women who care more for their aesthetic appearance in our country every day. The solution to this problem is the Brachyal Dermolipectomy, a treatment of Plastic Surgery with which we get a thinner and firmer arms. What is Brachial Dermolipectomy? Brachial or Arm Dermolipectomy is the intervention of Plastic Surgery that eliminates excess fat and skin from the arms, and is a frequent surgery after a large weight loss or as a result of the removal of tissues after the years. The result of this intervention is a thinner arm and a firm and smooth skin. The duration of the intervention can range from 1 to 3 hours depending on the case. The patient should stay at the clinic, usually one night only. The first days the arms may be swollen and may notice some discomfort, but with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibiotics will disappear. For a month, a blanket should be worn to reduce inflammation. As a general rule, re-enclosure to the four-day life is in 10 days but always depends on the patient's work. When is a Brachial Dermolipectomy indicated? It is an intervention indicated both in men and in women who present * Arms with great excess skin and fat. ♪ Very flirty ties with big thinnings. ♪ Mórbida Obesity Sequelas What are the Techniques used in Brachial Dermolipectomy? Brachial Dermolipectomy is a major surgical procedure and always requires a general anesthesia. In most cases, the incision line is in the form of “Y” Greek, being located in the inner part of the arm. The intervention consists of separating the skin and fatty tissue in depth, eliminating the leftover. Then he's sutured. In some cases, an aspirative drainage is needed during the first 24 hours. How long is the intervention? A full-length Plastic Surgery surgery of Brachial Dermolipectomy usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours. Will I feel anything during the intervention? Pre-anesthetic valuation is fundamental. It serves to prepare you properly for the surgical act with the time needed to normalize any altered parameter and avoid any unforeseen complication. The current level of anesthesia is of maximum security. How is the postoperative of a Brachial Dermolipectomy? The first few days the arms will be a bit swollen. You may notice some discomfort or slight pain but to avoid it, we will prescribe anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibiotics if necessary. After the surgery, we will place a specially designed girdle for this surgery, which will take for fifteen days and help reduce inflammation and avoid complications (seromes). Eliminate excess fat and skin in the arms with Clinic Medical Option If you're thinking of performing a Brachyal Dermolipectomy to remove excess fat and skin in your arms, do not hesitate to attend a first free visit at our clinic. The Plastic Surgeon will take care of you and resolve all your doubts and concerns and you will be able to place all your trust in it.

Remove Excess Fat And Skin In The Arms

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