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Things to Know about Arata Japanese Platform Bed

If your preference in a bed is a touch of minimalism and elegance, the Arata Japanese Platform bed would be ideal for you. This twin bed platform frame design will not only enhance the appearance of the space, but it also brings harmony and simplicity. What makes these beds unique is their design, and Asian style features.

  • It’s Low-Profile

Designed with a pedestal wood base, the Arata Japanese platform bed sits closer to the ground than most beds thus, considered as a low-profile bed. The uniqueness in these beds is because manufacturers are inspired by Asian style beds and particularly, Japanese themes.

  • The Headboard makes it Convenient and Comfortable

If you are the person who enjoys reading, watching TV, having breakfast, or working in bed, this platform will offer convenience and comfort at an affordable cost. It comes with a headboard made of leather and is padded, where you just sit and lean. The padding ensures your head and back are comfortable, while the leather makes it easy to clean.

  • You will not Require Box Springs

Box springs have been used in beds for ages since they improve comfort for sleepers. The good thing about purchasing an Arata Japanese twin size platform bed is you do not require a box spring. These beds offer additional support to the mattress and your weight, while at the same time enhancing comfort. It will also save your money meant to purchase a box spring.

  • There are Different Bed Sizes

The other thing to keep in mind is you can get a platform bed in three different sizes, depending on your requirements. The queen-size bed accommodates 393 pounds, and is 124 inches wide x 93 inches L x 26 inches’ height, the king-size bed supports 436 pounds, and is 140 inches wide x 93 inches’ length x 26 inches’ height, while the California king-size accommodates 428 pounds, in 136 inches wide x 93 inches’ length x 26 inches’ height. Regardless of your weight, you can get a bed size that will accommodate you.

  • They Come with 2 Nightstands and 2 Drawers

When shopping for furniture, everyone wants to save some money on the purchase. The good thing about saving when buying an Arata Japanese platform bed is that you do not have to budget for nightstands or drawers. At the selling price, you will get two matching side shelves and two nightstands. The two nightstands are 24 inches wide x 18 inches deep x 7 inches high. By having a shelf and a nightstand matching with the bed on each side, you are guaranteed an organized and well-balanced look for your bedroom. When these items are not needed, they can be detached.

This twin platform bed will be ideal when you want a more relaxing, fresh feel and look for your sleeping space. These beds are available in different colors and sizes. On top of this, you will get 2 nightstands and 2 drawers for the same price. If you are looking for a fresh way to transform a rather dull bedroom into a stunning one, consider this bed.


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