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A frame specifically designed to allow the use of standard optical lenses (not included) while snorkeling/scuba diving. Both lightweight and strong, the frame can be easily inserted and removed in the mask thanks to the seal side slots. Take the frame to your trusted optician to purchase and fit the type of corrective lens you want. lens not included in the box. 

Now improved in this 2.0 version – the Frame is also equipped with 2 arms that can be snapped on and off the frame – the frame now becomes a handy, resistant, pair of glasses!

Once the arms are snapped on, you can add the neoprene string included in the box – with it your glasses won’t fall overboard AND, if they do, they should float.


These Optical Lens are compatible with:

-Aria, SeaVUDry, Sport : SM / LXL

-Easybreath SM / ML / LXL

-Other full face amasks.




We at OCEAN REEF have started to control our co2 emissions, re-think, where possiible, our products and / or packaging to help diminish the toll that companies are taking on the environment in an overall effort to reduce our footprint on this Earth. We are willing to invest (our Us office is fully green – powered : our solar panels power all our needs there ; is another good example), hold events (beach clean-ups) and absorb extra costs, to reach this goal. it’s a long road, but we’re committed to it.

In this case, the frame and arms of the product are made from a castor-oil polymer, derived from plants (not hydrocarbon derived), while it retains all it’s physical characterstics, it has a reduced impact on the environment. The bag is virgin cotton. The packaging is FSC paper – from forest stewardship counsil certified forests.



  • installed on the mask – o.l.s. 2 can be set up on a mask and taken out in a few seconds! No glue, no “clicks”, no correction that is fixed to the mask. You can lend the mask, change prescription, as easy as it gets.
  • Cost effective. The lens are not included. You can decide rather you want expensive, multifocal, light-effected lens… or you can buy cheap lens. The o.l.s. 2 is inexpensive and does not effect the mask at all.
  • Light – there is no extra weight on your mask(s).
  • Modifiable : if you lose eyesight, get laser correction, the optical lens support 2 can be used as regular sunglasses or you can swap lenses with new correction. The mask remains untouched.
  • 1 corrective lens pair for more than one mask! Check out compatibiliyt


SKU: OR033304
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