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EPITHELIUM® Digitubes® are very slim patented protectors with built-in Epithelium 26®: they redistribute pressure and inhibit rubbing to the toe. Result: formation of hard skin (hard corns, interdigital soft corns) is reduced, blisters are avoided and the pain is relieved.Do you have a painful toe? A hard corn or interdigital corn (corns between two toes)? Try Digitubes® by EPITACT®! It contains Epithelium 26® silicone gel, which prevents hard skin and the pain caused by excessive rubbing and pressure. Digitubes® are so slim it can even be worn in sports trainers! Its main advantage, beside being so compact is that it is washable and reusable! This means the Digitubes® are the solution which have all of the following advantages: discreet, effective and economical.· 1 mm of Epithelium 26® in the semi-circumference of Digitube® is enough to relieve pressure and prevent dorsal corns and interdigital corns from forming on the toes.· The stretchiness and softness of the chosen fabric makes this device feel comfortable.· It is so compact that multiple devices can be worn on adjacent toes with no discomfort.· Digitubes® are reusable and can be washed with soap and water.· Using only 1.5 cm of Digitube®, you can protect a corn for an average of 10 days.· Sold individually. 1X10 cm length to cut to size.

INFORMATION Protect toes or fingers, prevent formation of corns and blisters, and alleviate pain.

CONTRAINDICATIONS- Do not use on an open wound.- Persons with arteritis, diabetes, polyneuritis, peripheral neuropathy, or foot ulcers: consult your physician or chiropodist before application and monitor your foot during use.

WHAT IT IS USED FOR- EpitheliumTM is a silicone gel with similar pressure distribution properties to those of human subcutaneous tissue. The presence of this substance in Digitubes® prevents corn formation and alleviates pain when calluses have already formed.- Because they are not bulky, Digitubes® can be used on two consecutive toes at the same time.

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE- Use a good pair of scissors to cut the Digitube® to the required length.- Remove the protective film covering the gel.- Turn the Digitube® inside out and place it on the toe, making sure that the EpitheliumTM gel is in contact with the area you wish to protect.

CLEANING- Hand-wash, without scrubbing.- Leave to dry naturally. Do not iron.

COMPOSITION : 73% silicone, 27% polyamide/elastane fabric.The materials used have passed all the regulatory tests required by ISO standard 10993-1 relating to products that come into contact with the skin. If an incident occurs, stop using the product immediately and inform MILLET Innovation.Millet Innovation cannot be held responsible for failure to use the product



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