The APA is compatible with filters that comply with EN 148-1 standard. 

The RD40–22mm, screwed on the APA, is compatible with filters that comply with ISO 5356-1. 

1. In combination with the Aria Protection Adaptor (APA) and a P3 filter (standard thread connector EN148- 1, RD 40-1/7”). This filter protects against mist, aerosols, particles, fumes and dust. For more info on filter, see the P3 filter technical sheet.

TECHNICAL DATA Limitations for the use Do not use in areas where the oxygen concentration is lower than 17% in volume nor in the presence of gases and vapours. Breathing and no fogging behaviour The patented breathing circulation system of the mask prevents its fogging thanks to the air circulation inside. Potentially contaminated air is breathed in from the user, drawing it in from only one inlet (the filter adaptor APA) through the filter body, and through a one-way only valve. The filter purifies the air according to its certified properties and characteristics. The safe, breathable air then moves onto the visor, pushed onto it from a deflector placed in the topside of the mask: this action prevents fogging. The air is then drawn through one-way valves in the orinasal pocket where the user breaths in. Once the user exhales, the two one-way valves in the specifically designed orinasal pocket, prevent the air’s return in the ocular part of the mask. Should there be a less than perfect seal between the cheekbones, nose and orinasal pocket contour, the air will not be able to be drawn back up due to the one-way valve placed on the filter adaptor (APA). The only way the air will be forced to go, is through the one-way valve of the chin, to the outside of the mask.


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